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Students Learn Best in the Classroom

FCPS 2023 Comprehensive Plan lists absenteeism as a problem for Fairfax County schools. We already know that children learn best in the classroom.

Yet somehow this was lost on this School Board during the Covid shutdown. FCPS was slow to reopen and slow to return to a normal schedule. Fairfax lagged behind the nation and now we are seeing the data of how harmful their delays really were.

When I speak with teachers today, they tell me that there are still too many days off that occur too frequently. Teachers tell me that the new school calendar disrupts their lesson plans and slows their ability to help students achieve their best academically.

Schools need to be open and students need to be in the classroom consistently. A routine schedule is best for children and one we can easily achieve.

The Comprehensive Plan also lists School Safety as a serious issue as only 74% of teachers and school staff reported feeling safe at school. That is a disturbingly low number. School safety is among my top priorities. I wrote an op-ed on School Safety for the Fairfax Times, linked here.

This week I received an endorsement from Matt Truong, which I greatly appreciate.

"Fairfax County Public Schools have been ignoring the voices from Asian communities for years. From the enrollment policies at Thomas Jefferson High School to the inability to acknowledge honor roll recipients, the Fairfax County school system isn't listening. I endorse Cassandra Aucoin because she will bring fairness and balance back to the Fairfax County School Board. Please join me in casting a vote for Cassandra Aucoin for School Board."

-Matt Truong, Vietnamese American Community Leader

We need change and balance on the School Board. I am not afraid to stand up to the status quo and tell FCPS that we can do better.


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