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More Evidence of Learning Loss

Updated: Sep 23

This week, the Virginia Department of Education released their 2022-2023 Virginia Assessment Results, a report which tracks academic achievement. The results show a significant learning loss in math and reading for students in grades 3-8.

The VDOE press release states, "More than half of 3rd-8th graders either failed or are at risk of failing their reading SOL exam, and nearly two-thirds of 3rd-8th graders either failed, or are at risk of failing, their math SOL exam." This is disturbing.

A major reason behind these low scores is missed time in the classroom. This report makes it clear that students learn best when they are in class regularly. Remote/virtual learning is not a substitute, and absenteeism needs to be limited.

Here in Fairfax County, we saw a prolonged closure of public schools during the COVID pandemic. When they did open, there was remote learning and limited days each week of in-person instruction. As the rest of the nation opened and safely began school again, Fairfax County Public Schools lagged behind. We now have irrefutable evidence of the learning loss our students have experienced.

This School Board was complacent in the prolonged closure of our schools. One party rule means there was no one on the Board who stood up and said, "open schools, and keep the students in the classroom." We need a moderate voice on this Board that supports parents and students and will not play politics with our children’s education.

I am that voice.


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