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Final Week

There's only one more week until Election Day.

This is my first campaign, but I've always been a runner. I have found running for elected office shares characteristics with running for exercise/sport. On the track, you might hear a coach say, "keep your head straight and run through the tape." Well, that's what we're doing in the final week of this campaign.

We're keeping our head straight by staying focused on the issues. Throughout this entire campaign I have talked about specific issues facing Fairfax such as Restoring Academic Excellence, Keeping Parents Involved, and Increasing Transparency and Accountability. I have a number of news articles and survey answers available on my website, linked here. My team hasn't been distracted by, or engaged in, any personal attacks, and we won't be in this final week.

We are also going to run through the tape by working hard right up to when the polls close at 7pm on Tuesday, November 7. My team will be out knocking doors and passing out literature this week, and greeting people at the polls on Election Day. Fairfax County is very large, so we need more volunteers, please sign up to help us at

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