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Cassandra Aucoin featured in Fairfax County Special Education PTA Voter Guide

Fairfax County Special Education PTA (SEPTA) is a 501(c)3 advocating for special education students in Fairfax County Public Schools, their families, and the staff who work with them. We are a part of the Fairfax County Council PTA and are members of Virginia PTA and National PTA. PTA encourages all community members to be informed about candidates for election and their views on various public education topics, including special education.

We believe that the Fairfax County School Board is one of the most important and influential government bodies affecting the success of the students and staff for whom we advocate. It is critical that our membership and others in the community are educated about the issues that concern our students and staff and the positions that all candidates take on those issues.

SEPTA is a non-partisan organization. We show no preference in the dissemination of our survey and in the publication of any responses received. Thus, all candidates were sent this questionnaire on the same date, all responses were due on the same date and all responses were shared publicly at the same time. All responses are published verbatim, as received. Each respondent’s submissions are published via individual links to each candidate. Candidates who did not provide a response are noted below.



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