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Candidates' Forum, Students Return and More

Updated: Nov 8

Last Friday, I participated in the Muslim American Voter Engagement (MAVE) School Board At-Large Candidates' Forum at the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center.

I gave answers to questions on barriers to parental involvement, mixed-gender instruction in Family Life Education, gender neutral bathrooms, and issues with academic performance.

I am running for School Board because I absolutely share their concerns.

  • Parents Matter.

  • Traditional Value Perspectives are needed on the School Board.

  • Academic Excellence must be the goal of our public education.

The new Model Policies from the Virginia Dept. of Education were also discussed at the forum. I support the 2023 Model Policies which is a stark contrast to several of my opponents who voiced their opposition. I applaud Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares advisory opinion that all School Boards must follow the new policies.

The 2023 Model Policies includes a key provision that prohibits a school from changing a minor’s name, pronoun, or gender without parent’s consent. These new policies are simply intended to assist children who are vulnerable and need parental involvement. It is disappointing that the concept of parental participation is being attacked by the Far Left.

One of my opponents even went so far to say he wants to take out every gender separate bathroom and replace them all, in every school, with gender neutral ones. Unbelievable. Millions of dollars would be needed -- all at a cost to taxpayers. The Far Left and my opponents do not care about the additional expense. It's almost ironic that if you would help me reach my campaign goal of $75,000, then you'll save a “ton of money” because I won't demolish every school bathroom.

I wrote about the Model Policies in more detail in my last newsletter, linked here.

Before and after the forum I had the opportunity to meet with many community leaders in Northern Virginia and I really appreciate the time everyone took to make this event such a success.

The Coalition for TJ, a parents-led advocacy group that wants Thomas Jefferson High School to re-instate a merit-based application process, filed a petition to have their case heard at the U.S. Supreme Court. I support this group and I hope the Supreme Court will take up this case. The Court has already struck down a similar practice in a case involving Harvard. The new precedent should hopefully steer the Court to a similar conclusion.

Fairfax County Public Schools opened this week. Welcome back to all the students; let's make it a great school year.


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