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Meet Cassandra

Cassandra Aucoin. Mother. Leader. Advocate.

I grew up in a military family and have lived in Northern Virginia since I was a teenager. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. My husband, Joe and I reside in Reston, VA.

I had a professional career in public service, spanning over 35 years, with leadership experience in strategic planning, budgeting, human resources, program analysis and organizational change.  During my career, I managed a multi-billion-dollar annual budget, led organizations, and led major, complex projects to change organizations. In my last position as a Chief of Staff, I led the business operations of a 1000+ person global organization.

My husband and I have two wonderful children. We are a military family and had the privilege of being stationed in Japan and Washington State and experiencing other cultures. As a military spouse, I volunteered with organizations that supported families and members, was a senior advisor on military spouse organizations and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, Naval Base, Yokosuka and led the establishment of three spouse organizations. 


Our two children were raised primarily in Fairfax County Public Schools but also attended Department of Defense and parochial schools, which gave me an appreciation of other school systems. They were active in community youth sports of soccer, basketball, and baseball — Joe and I spent many weekends traveling from game to game!  My son is in the Navy and my daughter attends a Virginia college. Like my parents, I passed to them the value of education, hard work, and being contributing members of society. Today, I am proud to say they are thriving adults and wonderful citizens.

For hobbies, I read, am a sports enthusiast and an amateur runner. I enjoy all types of music and love animals – I am a “mom” to two dogs and a cat today! 

I am running for School Board because our children deserve a world-class education that prepares them to excel in an increasingly competitive work and is free of political agendas. Systemwide, we have lowered academic standards and achievement, a wide disparity in school performance, increased safety and mental health concerns, fractured parent – school relationships and a budget that has ballooned despite lowered student enrollment and performance. Political ideologies have infiltrated our schools.  

Fairfax County is at the crisis point with its public education and we need change to make it better and stronger. I want to use my leadership experiences to help restore excellence to ouronce-great school system. I am not running to advance the agenda of any political party but as someone who is committed to serving the best interests of students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers.  

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-Cassandra Aucoin

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