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Moms for America Action

We are pleased to endorse Cassandra Aucoin, as a School Board At-large candidate.  Cassandra represents the values of moms across America who are concerned about the direction of our nation. 

-Moms for America Action


The Muslim Business Chamber

I am proud to be endorsed by MOVE Business Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to connect, inform, promote, and advocate for Muslim businesses by providing access to opportunities and removing structural barriers.  On the School Board, I will be a voice for our diverse Fairfax community.  
-Cassandra Aucoin

American Hindu Coalition.jpg

American Hindu Coalition

I am proud to be endorsed by the American Hindu Coalition (AHC), a nonpartisan advocacy organization that promotes the Interests of American Hindus and Americans who subscribe to Hindu enlightenment principles.  Many thanks to Srilekha Palle for helping me engage with this wonderful organization. We share the same values on parental involvement and academic merit in public schools.
-Cassandra Aucoin

Matthew Troung.jpg

Matthew Troung

Fairfax County Public Schools have been ignoring the voices from Asian communities for years. From the enrollment policies at Thomas Jefferson High School to the inability to acknowledge honor roll recipients, the Fairfax County school system isn't listening. I endorse Cassandra Aucoin because she will bring fairness and balance back to the Fairfax County School Board. Please join me in casting a vote for Cassandra Aucoin for School Board.

-Matt Truong, Vietnamese American Community Leader

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